This is an overview of our services, it is not a complete list of everything that we do, so if you reequire something that is not here then please ask.


Complete systems which include secure user friendly web applications with a database baackend. A linux daemon or windows service can be added to interface from the database to field controllers. The field controllers could be a Pocket PC or a custom designed unit.

Database design

We are engineers not web designers so when we design a database it is designed to be quick, flexible and efficient. We use either SQL Server, My SQL or for small applications SQLLite. To help protect your data integrety we use stored procedures and triggers. The business logic of the data is kept with the data. This makes sure that when the database is accessed whether it is from a system service or website the data is accessed in the same way.

Web applications

We design web applicatoins, not websites. What this means is that we don't add extras, the web applications is an application that you use for business. It is designed to be easy to navigate, quick to load and simple to read.

The advantages of having a web appliation over a normal application(like access) to store your data in are:

PCB design

We offer a complete PCB design service from conception to implimentation. We specialise in embedded micro controllers especially in ATMEL AVR 8-bit processor range. We can handle proffesionally finished prototypes and small scale manufacturing. We do double layer and multilayer boards.

Circuit schematic and PCB layout using Open Source gEDA linux tools

We are familure but not limited to the following technologies:


From Linux daemons in GCC or Windows services in Visual Studio .net to web applications in php and embedded microcontrollers using c and assembler, nothing is too hard. Familure with a wide range of programming languages and platforms. We specialise in the ATMEL AVR 8-bit processor family coding in C and C++. All coe is written in a modular manner making it easier to maintain and update.